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[Resolved]2 column form and results layout issue

Forums Geo Members Directory 2 column form and results layout issue

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    Hi, I just implemented the advice on this page:

    I have a 2 column layout. One column with the search form shortcode [gmw form=”1″] and the other column with the results shortcode: [gmw form=”results”]. The results page is removed from “same page” and set to the title of the page that the search form is on per the instructions at the link above.

    This works somewhat well except one thing:

    When I submit the form, the results do show in the second column but they also show direction under the search form in the first column too.

    how can I resolve that? Image attached for convenience.

    Mike Cowie

    I recently worked through the same issue and it works, but there may be another solution.

    In custom template with 2 columns: the search form is in a widget (loading in first column) and then the search results coming from a shortcode (in second column). And then with same settings as you described (I think)

    To further complicate issues I have a simplified form on all pages of the site pointing to the same search results location which in turn has a more complex search form on on it – so there is a bunch of additional conditional stuff going on.


    Thanks, Mike.

    It looks like there’s another way to solve this with new shortcodes here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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