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About the google auto-complete.

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    SangBum Lee

    Dear Eyal,

    Long time no talk:)

    I luckily have found someone (Andrea Tarantani, the author of BP profile search plugin) who would like to help me in forming the Groups directory to integrate the geo-input feature to be applied within the group search. Now, Andrea already helped me building the Groups directory just like your members directory.

    However, i am discussing with Andrea to make the input field as google address auto-complete for location search.

    Could you kindly share the source where you apply the google auto-complete to the input field for the location ?

    Also, as an additional request, i would like to ask if you also could share the source how you applied the google map within the Members Directory so i can inform Andrea and be a little bit of assistance if possible.

    Please refer to the attached image if you are not sure of what i am talking about for the auto-completion.

    Thank you in advance,
    I am in so much of use of your plugins.
    Going to purchase the Nearby posts add-on in a few days:)

    SB Lee

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