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[Resolved]Activation code now working??

Forums Gravity Geolocation Activation code now working??

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    Hi there, I just purchased your gravity forms addon and it does not work stating my license key is inactive even when I input the correct one and click activate? Any ideas?


    Thank you James for the purchase.
    The activation issue is due to the new version I have been working on.
    I can email you the new version which I haven’t officially released yet. Or you can still use the version that you have without activating its license. The license is only to provide you with automatic updates but you can still use the add-on even if not activated.


    Hi there, when I go into my gravity forms 1.8.5 and look at the field choices I do not see the GEO fields? This is why I assumed it had something to do with Activation key here. So right now its not working as far as I can tell, can you explain how to get the fields to show up in gravity forms if I can continue to use it? or email me the new version directly jamesosullivan1 [@]


    Let me know if you have received it.

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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