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[Resolved]Activation Key after Moving Website

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    Riley Moore

    I moved my site to a different domain and am trying to reactivate the plugin. I removed the old site from my account, but I keep getting the error “your license has no activations left.” How can I fix this and activate my site? The search function remains broken in the meantime.


    Hello Riley,

    By now, I believe, the license key should be activated on the new URL. Most times it take about an hour or so for the change of URL to take effect in the system because of the internal cache of the licensing system. If you cannot activate the license by now let me know and I will look into it again.

    The search function remains broken in the meantime.

    The license key does not effect the functionality of the plugin in anyway. That means that even with the license key disabled the plugin would be fully functional.

    So, If you are having issues with the search features, then it has nothing to do with the license key being disabled. If you are still having issues with the plugin please open a new support ticket using the new support page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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