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[Resolved]Add filters

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    I am sorry to ask this but I set up all the settings but I cant figure out how to add “filters” on:

    • home:
    • job search:
    • resume search:

    2. How to add as well the “my location” button?

    Please let me know if you could help. I didnt find it in the documentation. Do I have to add shortcodes? should it be automated? Please describe.


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    Hello Malik,

    To apply the geolocation features to your Jobs pages you need to add the shortcode attribute gjm_use=”2″ to the [jobs] shortcode ( ex. [jobs gjm_use=”2″] ). It is mentioned in the documentation as well as in the GEO settings page in the admin.

    When using the “Jobs + map” template files provided by jobify theme you don’t have access to the [jobs] shortcode since it is in the template file itself and not in the content area of the page.

    You will need to create a new page and set its template to “default template”. Then in the content are enter the shortcode [jobs gjm_use=”2″]. Then you should see the jobs form with the geolocation features in it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Hello Malik,

    1) Looks like with Jobify theme installed the “Jobs” page is using a template file by default. Thats why no matter what you enter in the content area it will not show in the page. You can see the filters in a new page I created .

    2) The usage information is in Job Listings -> settings -> GEO Search form tab.

    3) It is not possible out of the box. Same as with the Jobs page the home page as well is using a custom template file. You will need to create a custom home page where you will be able to enter the shortcode [jobs gjm_use=”2″].

    4) TO have it working with resumes you will need the Resumes Geolocation add-on. And it works pretty much the same like Jobs Geolocation.

    5) As describe in one, you need to create a new page with the default template.

    6) I might add a video in the future when I get a free moment.

    I see that all of your jobs are coming from “Indeed” and indeed jobs are not going to be filtered by location using GEO Job Manager add-on. They are not going to show on the map as well. That is because they are coming using a feed and do not have the required coordinates. Only jobs created in your website will work with GEO Job Manager filters.

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