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[Resolved]Address Autocomplete is not working

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    I am using Formidable Geolocation.
    Addresses and maps are operating normally. Thanks for your support for this article After changing the domain, the map does not load.
    The Address Autocomplete feature does not work in Formidable Form.
    The link to my formidable form.
    Help me again please.

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    Under review?


    After updating to Formidable – Geolocation add-on 1.1, Address Field and Map does not work again.


    Hello Byung,
    I apologize for missing out your recent replies.

    In Formidable Geolocation 1.1 I added an API key input box in the Formidable settings page. So the map stopped working because the API key was missing in the box. I now added your API key to the new input box and the maps are working again on your site.

    However, I am not sure why the address autocomplete feature does not work. Would you please switch to a default WordPress theme and check if the autocomplete works?



    Thank you for your help.
    Although changed to Twentysixteen Theme, Autocomplate Feature still does not work.
    Please review my site again?


    You are welcome.

    It looks like an issue with your API key. Maybe you did not set it up properly. I tested your site with my test API key and the autocomplete is working ( see attached ).

    Can you please provide screenshots of the different pages of your Google console and the API key pages? This way I might be able to spot the issue.

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    I did not activate the ‘Google Places API Web Service’.
    It was activated. Autocomplate feature works.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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