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[Resolved]Address not being added to Location either via registration OR by edit profile.

Forums Xprofile Fields Address not being added to Location either via registration OR by edit profile.

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    Max Santos

    Hi, I’ve just bought the Xprofile add-on but am having problems.

    I enter an address during registration, and then once registered, the address field is blank on my profile (and it also says ‘User hasn’t added a location yet’).

    I then go to edit profile, complete the address field for a second time, click save, and the field remains blank (as does the Location tab).

    The only way the address is actually being saved is if I go to the Location tab and enter it there, and then the address field is also populated in the profile (obviously this defeats the whole point of the plugin!).

    Any help would be much appreciated,



    Thank you Max for the purchase and apology for the issue.
    Which version of WordPress, GEO my WP, BUddyPress and Xprofile Fields are you using?

    Max Santos

    Thanks for the quick reply! Here are my versions…

    Worpress: 3.9.1
    GEO my WP:
    Buddy Press: 2.0.1
    Xprofile Fields Add-on: 1.2.1

    Max Santos

    Just in case you need this info as well, here are the other plugins I am currently running:

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget 1.4.6
    BP Auto Login on Activation 1.0.1
    BP Profile Search 4.0.2
    BuddyPress Default Data 1.0.4
    Contact Form 7 3.9
    Limit Login Attempts 1.7.1
    Welcome Pack 3.3
    WP-Mail-SMTP 0.9.5

    I also have Buddypress User Account Type PRO 1.1.3, but I deactivated that as a test and the problem was still there.


    Thank you for the info.
    Can you please try deactivating BuddyPress default data as well?

    Max Santos

    I have just deactivated that and deleted all of the test users it created, but am still having the same problem I’m afraid

    Max Santos

    I also just deactivated BP Profile Search and Welcome Pack but that didn’t help either…


    Thank you.
    IS it possible to provide me with admin access?

    Max Santos

    Yes that’s no problem, do you have an email I can send the details to or some way of private messaging?

    Max Santos

    Cheers have just sent an email over

    Max Santos

    Hi Eyal,

    I sent you a couple of emails with some more info, was just wondering if they had gone through ok?

    (I think we’re on different time zones which is why the replies are so delayed!)


    Sorry for the delay.
    I have just responded to your email.


    What was the answer….?-this issue is identical to my problem with the user and register


    Hi, Im having the same issue, I bought the Xprofile Fields plugin but I dont see how to make it work…

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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