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Ajax style auto submit for search form xprofile fields

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    does GMWP support an ajax style auto-sumbit option for form options?

    I want to be able to go to a search form select “show options” click some of the checkboxes and have them auto-submit and refresh results without leaving the page.

    Is this possible out of the box or is it in the roadmap at all? If so, how far out is it?



    It is not possible at the moment.

    An ajax add-on is on my todo list but It is going to take some time until released.


    Here’s an example of how it could work.

    an Ajax-based faceted search for profiles.

    Similar to wpfacet but something that actually works with xprofile fields.

    the user should be able select checkboxes of different xprofile field values and it auto return results as each is checked.

    The search form should be created so that admin can select which xprofile fields show up.

    If hundreds of values are available, then cut them off after a set amount and then offer up a pop up to select from more. Similar to the way yelp does it here:,+NY

    These guys have something similar but you have to search a keyword first to get it to work. not really the same.

    I’d love to see something like this done. It’s desperately missing from the community, free or paid.

    This is key for member directory sites and since this is probably one of your biggest markets, it seems like a no brainer.

    I’d be happy to help out with testing or if you are available for private development of an addon, I’d be willing to hire.



    Any luck on this?

    I have a version working with gmywp

    If you want to see it, I have included a link below. For some reason, the map stopped working but everything seems ok. If you want to get a copy and merge it, I’d be up for it since I’m having a tough time keeping up with your releases and need someone to support it.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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