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    Hi Eyal,

    I am a bit confused about the usage of the shortcode for a search form and the results.

    I have a page with a left area for the search form and a right area for the result.

    In the left area I use the sidebar widget, in the right area the shortcode [gmw form=”results” name=”form_id_1″].

    In the settings of the form_id_1 I set “automatically display all existing locations on the initial load of the form” to “yes”.

    On the page load it will not load any results (see screenshot 1).

    Only when I put the full shortcode in the right area [gmw form=”1″ name=”form_id_1″] it will display the search form an the result on first load of the page (see screenshot 1).

    Is that intentionally or a bug?

    Is there a shortcode to display the search form only? How do I solve this in the best way?

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