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    Apologies if this has been discussed on the forum already. I tried doing a search for “auto results”, and though the search announces 7 results, they aren’t listed (template issue?).

    I basically have a regular wordpress page with a GeoMyWP form embedded via shortcode. I’d like to populate that page on load with results based on the location of the user.

    In “General Settings”, I have the “Auto Locator” option checked.

    In the settings for the form itself, under “Search Form”, I have the “Locator auto-submit” option checked, and under “Search Results”, I have the “Auto Results” option checked.

    However, though I get prompted by the browser to use my location, nothing loads on the page.

    What settings do I need to use to make this work? Or do I need to purchase the “Nearby Posts” add-on to make this work? Happy to do so if needed. Just looking for direction.



    Hello Kerfuffle,
    Indeed there are some issues with GEO my WP website and the forum. I will have to take care of that once I am done with the coming update of the plugin and the add-ons.

    You do not need the “Nearby Posts” add-on in order to get the auto-results working.

    Basically you only need to use the “Auto-results” ( under Search Results ) feature for it to work. The “Locator auto-submit” in the search form is to auto-submit the search form once location found using the Locator button. And the Auto Locator in the Settings page is indeed to get the user’s current location once he visit the site. You can use that but it is not a must.

    Basically the plugin use’s the user’s current location which being saved in cookies in order to display results on page load. The location can be saved in cookies in two ways:
    1) when using the “Auto-locator” feature and the plugin finds the user’s current location once he visits the site.
    2) When using the “Current Location” widget/shortcode and the user manually get the current location ( using locator button or manually entering the address ).

    So to test it I suggest you to use the “Current Location” widget. once the widget added to a sidebar for example it will display to the user with “Get your current location” link ( which will popup a form once clicked ) when there is no current location saved or with user’s location when exists. So after you added the widget use it to get your current location and then reload the page and see if you get the initial results based on your current location ( if such results exists ).


    I just noticed that you posted the topic under Users Geolocation add-on. Is your questions related to the User Geolocation add-on or to the Post Types add-on?


    Thanks so much for the quick response. I have not had a chance to dig in yet but will over the next couple days. I will let you know how it goes and if I have any other questions.

    As for where I posted the topic, please free free to move the thread to whatever makes the most sense. I honestly wasn’t sure where would be the best place to post it.


    Ok – So I added the current location widget to my page, and that’s working great. It is picking up my location without issue. If I click submit (when the location is already set) or if I add a new location via the popup window, the results are triggered.

    However, if I refresh my page, the results don’t show up. I need to click the submit button. It’s possible that I’m misunderstanding the intended functionality, and the auto results are working correctly already. When a location is already set, should the results load by default (like when you navigate to a page or refresh)?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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