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    Anyway to make Autocomplete list closest addresses on the iPhone when using 4G or LTE network?

    Example: Using AutoComplete on my laptop for example: Typing “Taco Bell” shows a list of all the Taco Bells close to me to select the correct address. Doing the same on my iPhone when connected to a wireless network “Taco Bell” shows all the closest ones. BUT when using iPhone using 4G or LTE, “Taco Bell” shows a list of random ones scattered across the States.

    My fix I thought was to add the button “Current Location” and have the user on the iPhone click that button to get their current location. BUT after getting their current location the AutoComplete field for “Taco Bell” still shows ones scattered across the states.

    Question: How can I get a list of the closest “Taco Bells” to select from when on a mobile device using 3G, 4G or LTE. Is that possible? (I’m using Beta 7)




    Hi Dana,
    I apologize for missing out this post. I just saw it while going over “unresolved” topics.

    I am not sure that the plugin is able to control the autocomplete results in such way. I think that Google API can get the user location and display results based on that when using WIFI only and not cellular data.

    I am going to look into that and see if I can provide a solution in the next version.


    Thanks. I just saw this reply. I added a new topic relating to this… sorry about that.

    autocomplete = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(…) has a setBounds(…) function attached to it. That info can be grabbed from the navigator.geolocation.

    An example code from Google at

    // Bias the autocomplete object to the user’s geographical location,
    // as supplied by the browser’s ‘navigator.geolocation’ object.
    function geolocate() {
    if (navigator.geolocation) {
    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
    var geolocation = {
    lat: position.coords.latitude,
    lng: position.coords.longitude
    var circle = new google.maps.Circle({
    center: geolocation,
    radius: position.coords.accuracy

    Sorry again for the duplicate post.
    Thanks for checking!



    I also have an iPhone and I never faced any issue like it, in fact, last week I bought one for my husband from Valentine’s Day promo codes and his also have no issue, maybe there is any issue with the location, well tell me your problem is sorted out?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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