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[Resolved]Autosuggest plugin compatible?

Forums Geo Job Manager Autosuggest plugin compatible?

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    Just wanted to make sure your plugin will be compatible with the job autosuggest plugin here before I buy it:

    This looks really cool.


    I am not sure as I never tested it. But I am pretty sure it will work. Otherwise, let me know and I will fix any issue you might have.

    A H

    The plugins are not compatible. it is making the drop down list of locations overlap thus making it unreadable.

    A H

    replying only to subscribe to notifications.


    Can you please explain where exactly it happens and maybe provide screenshots?

    Can you also provide me with a copy of the add-on so I could test it? If so please email it to

    A H

    check your email.


    Thank you.
    I will test it later today.


    I just tested the add-on. Indeed, there is a conflict with the styling. But all the features of this add-on are already found in GEO Job Manager. So I am not sure why you would want to use both. Unless there is something that I am missing?

    A H

    the geo manager does not work on the main page map widget. I need it to work on the main page map widget as well.

    If you can fix that I can get rid of the plugin.

    A H

    just as an FYI I sent the details to the developer as well. they have released an update too.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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