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    I purchased and downloaded the beta version of nearby locations, neither the shortcode or the widget will return anything. I know i have nearby posts that should be displaying but cant get it  to work. Am i doing something wrong? for example : Should display the nearby post i made on the area here :

    I have set the widget to
    nearby element – item,
    post types – post and pages

    In fact, even if i click the show random items if nothing is found option i get no results.



    Thank you for the purchase @inspireme.

    I see that you use another geolocation/directory theme or plugin. Nearby Locations will only show locations ( posts ) that had GEO my WP location added to it. If you geotag posts using another plugin or theme these posts will not show with the NEarby Locations.


    Hi thanks for the reply. Everything has Gwp locations added properly.



    Can you please enter the post ID of a post that has GEO my WP location instead of “item” in “nearby element” setting and tell me if you see results?



    I tried but nothing appears, not even the nearby locations header.

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    Yes, where can I send details?


    thanks, sent details.  hopefully it isn’t just me being stupid and setting something wrong 🙂


    Thank you. I will look into that and get back to you.

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    Marking this as resolved.

    Issue was resolved via email and was caused by a conflict with another theme.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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