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[Not resolved]broken? shortcode doesn't output anything

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    When I installed the free core plugin on a brand new fresh WP install, it did not work. I followed the setup instructions, enabled the Post Types Locator addon, created a form, added its shortcode to a page… but nothing shows up. Am I missing something or is it broken? This is hosted on heroku.

    I sent the url and admin logins via your site’s contact form. Also posted this on the plugin’s WP support forum.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I looked but couldn’t find the cause for the issue. Looks like the shortcode does not generate anything. I am not sure if it related to the face that the site is hosted on Heruko ( not very familiar with it ).

    My advice to you is to first test a different shortcode from another plugin ( any plugin ) and see if it works.


    Hi, thanks for your reply. I actually just tried the [gmw_current_location] shortcode instead, and it appears to be working. So it does appear that other shortcodes are working. Feel free to make any changes to the site which would help you diagnose this issue as I created this site specifically for bug testing.

    Does the plugin save data to the file system?


    Hi again, any update?


    Here is an update: I’ve found I’m getting the following in debug:
    Notice: Undefined index: in /wp-content/plugins/geo-my-wp/includes/geo-my-wp-shortcodes.php on line 27

    My shortcode usage is as follows:
    [gmw form="1"]


    Sorry for losing track on this issue.

    Where do you see the error you mentioned above?

    Can you please also enable WP Debug ( in wp-config.php ) ? I would like to see if any error messages are showing up.



    Hi, yes, that appeared in debug.log after enabling WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG, & WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY. No other error messages are shown.


    Hello again – any updates? Thanks.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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