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[Not resolved]Bug: Escaping of special characters in location being output

Forums Bug Reports Bug: Escaping of special characters in location being output

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    Using Type an address to autocomplete I enter an address in (e.g.) Bishops’s Stortford. Even if I don’t input the ' then the autocomplete results do it for me. The returned value is escaped, and on every save / update is is escaped again leading to increasing slashes…
    The only way around this seems to be to manually edit the Enter Address Manually -> Address field afterwards to remove the character and escaping slash. While this solution works practically it isn’t friendly to non-technical users particularly.

    The value, including the escaping slashes, is being saved in the (wp)_places_locator table in the city, address and formatted_address fields in my testing. It may well effect all data saved to this table. I’m not sure if this is fixed in the beta already – I haven’t tried, but I believe you must be escaping the value before saving to the database instead of sanitizing. Without looking at your code I guess you could use $wpdb->insert/update (which takes unescaped data) to save the value, then run it through esc_html when you return the value.


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