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[Resolved]bug – not showing all the jobs

Forums Geo Job Manager bug – not showing all the jobs

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    A H

    I launched my website this week but the geo job manager is still giving me trouble.

    currently I have three jobs on my website, when I click on find jobs near my current location button, it shows the blue marker with my current location but only two jobs are shown.

    please help me fix this at the earliest. don’t want to turn off users cause of a buggy plugin.


    A H

    I am wondering if by default, the maximum distance is 100 kms for the jobs???

    A H
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    If you submit a search without choosing the distance then it will use the highest value of the distance from the drop-down menu. Which in your case is 100. Is The third location that didn’t show in the results within a 100 miles from your location?

    A H

    it probably is.

    I realized that after i posted that message.



    You are welcome

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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