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    OH OK!
    6) go back to step 3) and click “import” and it will import all customer field data IN TO the GEO MY WP database and save it.

    My only question is, each time I click import will it affect any of the old posts i made or once a post is mapped with a post ID it is overlooked?

    I noticed that you don’t need to open each post and save it, it is automatically copied to the GEO database, correct?

    Great plugin thanks!


    1. Find a post importer plugin, like real simple csv importer
    2. Save a spreadsheet as an msdos .csv with header rows for your taxonomies,post info etc and a column for lat and one for long
    3.Import using the plugin
    4. Go to GEOmywp tools Set custom fields in “Import Posts Types Locations Using Custom post_meta”
    5.Process the custom field info to the geomywp database, now your posts have coords in them

    Note: use an address column to add an address to posts, just using coords will not populate an address like manually entering the coords will.

    Kyle Rollins

    I have multiple custom fields in my spreadsheet to import, but not sure on how to go about adding these to my site so I can select them in step 5 so they are mapped…?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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