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    I just purchased your Geo Manager Plugin. I’m unable to submit any Job after installing your plugin. How can i disable the Regions field? It seems the Regions field in job submission form is mandatory and it is not allowing me to submit the job without it. I feel that having the auto selection match the address already, it is redundant to have the region field. I see on your demo, you don’t have the regions field.


    Thank you for the purchase.
    I am not sure which regions field you are referring to. GEO Job Manager works directly with the “Job location:” field created by WP Job Manager.

    Can you take a screen shot of the Regions field?


    It works well now. Previously I had the “WP Job Manager – Predefined Regions” installed and enabled. When I installed your plugin, I removed the already submitted Jobs and the Regions, but forgot to disable the “Predefined Regions” Plugin. As a result, both your plugin and the other plugin were working on the job submission page. When your plugin retrieves auto location, the predefined region does nothing. After disabling it, I can now get the plugin to work as it is supposed to. Good work and thanks for the quick reply.


    You are very welcome.
    I am glad you got it working.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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