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[Resolved]Can't activate : require GEO my WP

Forums WP Users Geolocation Can't activate : require GEO my WP

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    fresh new buy WP Users Geo-Location 1.0

    installed geomywp last
    installed WP Users Geo-Location

    activate geomywp
    activate WP Users Geo-Location
    but impossible insert license : require GEO my WP..require GEO my WP



    Sorry About that. I Am going to look at it now.


    Is the plugin working after activation?


    NO the box for key activation is in red and message : require geo my wp
    (impossible add key)


    What I meant is if the add-on is working regardless the activation of the key?

    Can you please delete GEO my WP and install it back to see if it will solve your issue?


    Not addon not working , in form i see the WP User yellow button but not work.

    Also try reinstall GEO my WP and continue not work,

    Remove and reinstall plugin and also install at new fresh wp, also try with but same situation)


    Can you provide me with admin access to the site? I would like to debug the issue on your site since I don’t see the problem on my sites.
    If is it not a problem please post the access detail here and set the post to private.

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    Looks like GEO my WP is within the folder GEO-my-WP-master which is not the correct folder of the plugin. Please delete it and install the plugin directly from The plugin’s directory name should be geo-my-wp.


    yes , this is the problem. Now solved.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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