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Can't see Geo My WP in my dashboard at all

Forums Geo Job Manager Can't see Geo My WP in my dashboard at all

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    Hello! I just purchased the plugin, uploaded it on my site, activated and added the license key. However, I cannot find it anywhere in my dashboard. Could you please help?



    Hello Kmiki,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    You should find the settings of GEO Job Manager plugin in the settings page of Wp Job Manager. You will see 3 new tabs added to this page.


    Hello! Thanks! I see the settings, but I cannot see where I can add a new search form for example. Like it says here: “In the Search form page ( GEO my WP -> search forms ) you will see your existing search forms. Search forms is the main feature of GEO my WP …etc” – but I can’t see a tab with GEO MY WP -> SEARCH FORMS. I don’t think I have that in my dashboard.. Am I doing somewthing wrong?



    Hi Karina,

    GEO my WP and GEO Job Manager are two separate plugins. They can definitely work together but you will need to install GEO my WP as well. GEO my WP is a free plugin and you can download it from

    GEO Job Manager is a premium add-on which integrates directly with WP Job Manager plugin and the search features of GEO Job Manager added directly into the form provided by WP Job Manager plugin.

    GEO my WP is a stand alone ( and have its own add-ons ) geolocation plugin which allows you to geolocate any of your post types or BuddyPress members. GEO my WP also allows you to create advanced form to search and find Post Types, BuddyPress members and so on.

    And so, with GEO my WP installed together with WP Job Manager you will be able to create Forms ( GEO my WP forms ) to search for jobs created with WP Job Manager. That is useful if you want to have additional ( more customizable ) search froms in addition to the form delivered by WP Job Manager plugin.


    Thank you Eyal!! I guess this was the issue, now I got it working! Thanks so much for your time and support!



    You are very welcome!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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