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[Resolved]Change default "Order By" on Members Page

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    Where can i change the default “Order By” criteria on the Buddypress Members page? I want my users to show up by distance from the searched location, not by the last active date.

    Here is the page where the issue occurs:



    HI Jason,
    The plugin should order results by distance automatically when address is entered.
    I will look into it after the weekend. I am planing to release an update for the Members Directory add-on next week so I will try to apply this solution as well.

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    Hi Eyal,

    I just wanted to follow up to see if you had a chance to look into this or when to expect the update.



    Hi Jason,
    I apologize for missing out your replies.

    Until I release an update you can change the orderby by editing a single core file. Are you comfortable doing that if I wlll explain you which file?


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