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[Resolved]Changing Map Size on Sweet Date 'Location Tab'

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration Changing Map Size on Sweet Date 'Location Tab'

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    Big fan of the plugin, have been using it as well as the Xprofile and GravityForms add ons.

    My question is this – I have the location tab for my users profiles set up and it’s in a fairly awkward proportion (400px * 400px).

    How can I change the proportions of this image to a width of 100% so that it occupies the full width of its container ?

    So; How do I change the size of the map on the ‘locations’ tab to 100% width?


    Thank you Hamish for the feedback and support :).

    The map is being displayed using the gmw_member_location short code and there is a filter in the location tab that you can use in order to change its settings. Copy paste the code to your functions.php file:


    Wow that was fast – awesome thanks!!!!!


    You are welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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