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[Resolved]child theme and template not found

Forums WP Users Geolocation child theme and template not found

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    Hi Eyal,
    hav create a directory

    and upload a copy of default theme file

    reload admin forms id x > search result > search template
    ..but not found the my-template

    (also try /mychildtheme/plugins/geo-my-wp/friends/search-results/my-template/)

    Missing any to setup ?


    Also in directory

    found two directory: Default and Yellow

    but in admin forms > search result > search template or result template
    can select : Default or Blue


    HI Wavi,
    I think you got your setup wrong. In your case “my-template” should be the folder of the theme. So my-template would be for example “Yellow” or “default”.
    When having the template folders in your child theme you need to have it setup like:
    childtheme/geo-my-wp/friends/search-results/yellow ( or name of your theme)/CSS folder and results.php file


    yes i have set up right in child theme

    (“profile” is my template width css folder and results.php)

    but when try select my template “profile” in admin forms ..not show
    found only template: Default and Blue

    Also i look in directory
    found this template : Default and Yellow

    (..found yellow and show blue ? )

    attach screenshot


    I see.
    Your setup is correct but you are editing WP Users form and not Members Locator form. The folder “friends” belongs to “Members Locator” (BuddyPress members ) form and not “WP Users” form.
    The search form and search results for WP Users found in wp-content/plugins/wp-users-geolocation/.

    I will need to update the WP Users Geolocation plugin with the ability to add custom themes to the child theme. For the moment you will need to modify the files directly in the plugin folder.


    Ho! ops yes not understand user geolocation have the your search forms/results, ok well.

    Also if possible add this feature (child theme) are usefull



    Sure thing.
    I will be working on an update for Users Geolocation this week.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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