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    HI Eyal and Happy new Year,

    I would ask you if you can help me, how I can create a custom search form with locator button. I tried to add on my slide of Revolution Slider this code of WP JOb Manager but not appear the locator.. Can you help me please. I would create a home slider like listify homepage

    I added the code of tutorial of WP JOB Manager but I would with locator:

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    Hi Eyal,
    can’t you help me with this tip?


    Hi Allessandro,
    Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to accomplish that without some a custom work done. All of the geolocation features are attached to the jobs shortcode. So using a custom form as above you will need to add the locator icon as well as to write the geolocation script that will be attached to it.

    I apologize that I cannot help much with that as it will require more than just a script that I can post in here. I will need to look into that and see if it is possible to provide a solution for a future update. But I cannot be sure on that.


    Hi Allessandro,

    Did you find a solution for your issue?
    I would love to make the same form..
    Thnxs 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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