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[Resolved]Custom map placement in Single Job page

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    I’m using your plugin “Geo My WP Job Manager” together with the theme “Jobify 3.1.1”.

    If I add a map to the single job page, it either overwrites the original metadata (when “top” is chosen), or it displays between the “bookmark” and “apply for job” buttons ( when “bottom” is chosen). Neither of these alternatives work well in my opinion.

    Is there a way I can choose the location myself? I have some basic PHP-knowledge, and know HTML/CSS pretty well, but navigating the plugin-files and theme-files in search for some kind of code or shortcode to move around is killing me.

    It would be awesome if you could provide me with some form of mapcode to insert into a template file in the theme, and also point me to the file(s) in Jobify that I probably want to insert the code into. Eventually, maybe how I could prioritize the order of “Apply for Job”, “Bookmarks” and the map.

    I’ve searched through a lot of the themefiles that seem to be the right ones, but I just can’t find it.

    Do you think you can help me out? 🙂

    Best regards,


    +1 Same issue for me.


    Hello Teodor and Andreas,

    To display the map in the single page the plugin uses hooks provided by WP Job Manager plugin. And these hooks can be locator in different locations with different themes.

    What you can do is disable the single map in the Settings page and use a function to display the map manually in a desired location.

    The function is:

    and you can either place it directly in a single template file or you can use a hook of your choice. That is, for example, how the plugin displays the map at the top of the page using a hook:

    I hope that helps.

    Now, I am using an older version of Jobify theme on my development site and the map seems to be displayed fine. Maybe in the newer version of the theme the developers moved the hooks which makes the map shown in a wrong place. If you can provide me with the zip file of the latest version of the theme I will take a look at it. And if there is a need I will update the plugin.

    If possible please email the zip file to



    Hi Eyal,
    I have send you the zip by mail last week. Any feedback on that? Thanks


    I am going to look into it by tomorrow or the next day.


    I just release a new version of Jobs Gelocation add-on which should take care of the issue with the location of the map at the top of the single job page.

    Please update your plugin and let me know if it works.



    Hi Eyal, top position is ok but I still can’t disable the map. Can you check? When settings are on “disabled” it still shows up below the apply button.



    Also the update just deletes the whole jobify top menu.


    Apologies for that Andreas.

    I released a new version which should take care of the issues you mentioned.

    Please update your plugin and let me know if it works.



    Thanks! It works! BR


    You are very welcome Andreas.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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