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[Resolved]Custom Template's Not Loading

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    I’m following these template formats to create “update safe” custom templates:

    “/themes/mytheme/geo-my-wp/friends/search-form/myformtheme/search-form.php” and


    The css folders and stylesheets are in each folder as well.

    But when I go to “Search Forms” in the admin and edit my buddypress search form, I still only see “default” under the search form templates.

    Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong?


    Also of note, the custom templates do show up on the “Add-Ons” page in the admin.


    Hi Yusef,
    I am not sure if it’s a typo above or also in your folder’s name but note that in you have “search-form” in “/themes/mytheme/geo-my-wp/friends/search-form/ instead of “search-forms”.

    Please let me know if that is the issue or just a typo above.

    Thank you


    Thank you for your purchase and support 🙂


    Sorry, the was a typo. It’s actually “search-forms”.

    I’m able to get the search results to show my template by writing a function that updates the option wppl_shortcode and changing the ‘results_template’ in the array for my form.

    However, the template isn’t shown in the WP admin.


    Hi Yusef,
    My apology but i am just going over unresolved tickets and i saw that i missed you last post here.
    Did you get it fixed or still having issues?

    Jeff Metzger

    Hi Eyal, I’m having the exact same issue. Great plugin aside from this hopefully minor issue.

    You can see it is loaded under the settings panel here

    But it is not showing up on the search form.

    Any ideas? Or any work a rounds until this gets resolved?


    Hi Jeff,
    I am currently working on the next major update of Support. Would you like to test it and same time see if it solves your issue?

    Jeff Metzger

    Eyal, yes I’d love to test it out.


    Please email me your email to and i will send you the beta.
    Are you using any of the premium add-ons?

    Benjamin S

    Hi Eyal,

    so it is not possible at all to use the custom-templates feature in the current version?
    Because I just purchased your plugin together with the XProfiles-Addon and run into the same issues as the guys in the thread. No custom templates shown in the backend, only the default ones.

    Would be good if you could help me, it’s pretty important. Thanks.


    Hi Benjamin,
    I will take a look at it today and will try to provide a quick fix for you.

    Benjamin S

    Hi Eyal,
    ok thanks.


    Hi Benjamin,
    to fix the issue with the custom template files open the file:

    and look for the line below ( should be line 321) :

    <?php foreach ( glob(STYLESHEETPATH. '/geo-my-wp/buddypress/search-results/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR) as $dir ) { ?>

    and change the word buddypress to friends.

    Benjamin S

    Thanks Eyal, that worked!
    Will you implement it in the next update, so I don’t need to change it again?


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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