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[Resolved]custom use of markers depending on other plugin

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    Hi Eyal I hope you’re fine!

    I come back to ask you something regarding my use of Global Maps:

    – first, there’s something we discussed before and I’dlike to know where you are with: Excerpts.
    > when clicking on a map marker, the pop-up is great but we talked about using the Excerpt meatball instead of grabbing the first lines in post content. We talked about adding the choice because of problems with page builders and display of shortcodes…

    – then, I think a “read more” link would be nice too, because some users don’t go naturally on the post title to read more…

    – finally, there’s something more complicated: I use GMW and Global Maps to display a map of posts that are actually achievements (using BadgeOS). Those achievements can be either earned or not earned by a user seeing the map and I’d like to make a difference between earned and not earned badges to him, for example displaying a different map marker. So I wondered how to achieve that, and thought maybe you’d know better: how to change a map marker depending on that other plugin variable (“is the badge earned by the current user or not?”)

    Sorry for asking such dummy twisted things… thank you for your work and your help and have a great day,


    PS: I remain at your disposal whenever you want me to translate your next release of GMW in french and partly in Italian (at least for what displays on the frontend).


    Hello Emilien,
    Sorry I didn’t update you in the previous post. I was looking for a solution for this issue for a while and by the time I found it I didn’t remember to do so.

    1) I have updated the function that display the content of a post

    and it is now seems to be working for me. I tested it with GEO my WP shortcode as well as with WordPress Gallery shortcode. They both work well now in the popup windows.

    2) GEO my WP uses its own custom excerpt function for the main reason that the_content and the_excerpt ( WordPress functions ) will only work when within the posts loop. And the information being displayed in the popup windows does not use the loop.

    3) I am not familiar with BadgeOS plugin so I have no clue how the information is being saved ( custom fields, custom database table and so on ). There is a filter which can be used to modify the map marker of each post.
    The filter below can be found in geo-my-wp/plugins/posts/includes/gmw-pt-search-query-class.php ( line 306 ).

    You will need to create a function that will check for the badge attached to the $post and based on that modify the icon.

    4) With the release of GEO my WP 2.5 I believe that you can translate it. I am sure that many users will appreciated it ( including myself ).

    Thank you and let me know if you have any more questions.


    If you want to test the version I am working on with the fix for gmw_excerpt() function so you could test the shortcodes please provide me with an email address I could email it to.

    Thank you


    Hi Eyal,
    I hope you’re fine!
    Thank you so much for your complete answers, support is as great as the plugin itself 😉
    I’m not a coder myself but I’ll look for someone who could help and ask for some quotes regarding that kind of customizations.
    As soon as 2.5 is out I begin the work on translations (FR, IT)
    I give you my email address in the private content box so that I can test the last dev version 😉

    Thank you again Eyal and have a great day,

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    You are welcome.
    And GEO my WP 2.5 is already out. I uploaded it to the server almost two weeks ago.

    As for the badges you will need to ask the developer how exactly they are being saved and how is the connection being made between the each post to a user.

    Once you have the information let me know and I see if I can provide you with the right script that will modify the icons.

    I will send you the files a little later. I am correctly working on them.


    Hi Eyal and thanks for your reply!
    I thought I only had dev versions installed for last releases… well I’ll check it out 😉

    I’ll keep you posted about custom dev and translations also.

    Have a great day!



    The last beta release was marked as 2.5 by mistake and so you won’t see a notification update for the final release that uploaded to the server. You will need to delete the version that you are using and install the latest one using WordPress installer.


    OK thanks, I just did that and it works like a charm 😉


    Hey Eyal,
    I hope you’re fine as always!
    I just finished and verified the french translation after two days on it!
    It’s 100% complete with html code for every single special european character. I send it to you as attachements 😉

    Could you work on the gmw_excerpt() function since last time? Is there a fix I could test as we discussed or do you need some more time on it?

    Thank you again and have a great day, Eyal.


    ooops, could’ send those files as attachements. I’ll try it by mail.


    Beautiful! 🙂 I have received the files. Thank you so much for that. I am sure many users will appreciate that.

    As for the excerpt function, I am planing to release a new update by the end of this week. Nothing major but some bug fixes and small improvements. I prefer you to wait for the final release to prevent any errors by using the development version that I am working on.

    If I see that I cannot release it by the end of the week I will send you the file.


    Hi, i would like to know how you filter the
    apply_filters( 'gmw_pt_map_icon', ''.$post->post_count.'|FF776B|000000', $post, $this->form );
    I can’t found a solution myself, any help will be nice.

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