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    Hello Eyal

    I already reported this issue: I work with WC Marketplace who redirected me to your plugin to just filter by location.
    When buying the Premium settings from Geo my WP, the different search tabs shows the results totally unformatted and missing certain basics like the product price etc.
    I was using the Woocommerce product search that shows the results perfect.

    You told me that it is not possible to connect Woocommerce search tab with yours. And that I will need a developer to change the CSS and PHP of Geo my WP to get the results in a “visible” format.
    Due to this reason I am trying to modify it by myself, so I will thank you if you could kindly guide me if I am in the correct track as I have seen you have done with other customers (developers or not)

    So I am sharing with you the guide that I have created searching in your answers to other customers to find out if I am in the correct track, so I can modify the PHP and CSS by myself (as I won’t need a developer for that):

    When customizing the product search tab, please correct me if I am wrong as I am collecting info from here and from there from your answers (and as I mentioned, Woocommerce product search worked very well with WC Market place and my theme, but using your plugin all the searches are totally un-formatted and I need to create one by myself):

    Should I take a search template from:

    Copy and paste the template in my theme:

    I will modify with Yellow Pencil (or other) to change the CSS and after creating a custom template and placing it in the theme or child theme, I will go back to the form editor ( dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Forms ) and select the custom template I just created. It should show in the “Results template” drop-down ( Search Results tab ) as “custom: template name”.

    Thanks for your answer!

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