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[Resolved]Default sort order on GJM and GRM

Forums Feature Requests Default sort order on GJM and GRM

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    Hi, Eyal! Really love your plugin… Is it possible to set via GUI sort order (date, distance, title …) on GRM and GJM???

    I saw some example in tips, but i don’t know PHP (and other languages) at all.

    Thank you!!!


    Thank you for the feedback Pavel.

    There is the “Order By” input box in the settings page under “Geo Search Form Settings” tab. You can enter the items that you want to display in the “Sort by” dropdown comma separated. The order which you enter the items is the order that they will be displayed in the dropdown menu.


    Thank you for the answer, i know it and i’m using comma separated sort order. I mean the default sort order when page first time loaded with shortcode gjm_use=”2″ (Currently, jobs and resume are soreted by title… but i think that users first time visited page must view jobs/resume with date sorting, and after they could sort by distance, title).

    (BTW…Since last update plugin works like a charm – all resumes and jobs are perfectly geolocated and i saw less memory consumption ….. GREAT JOB!!!)


    Thank you for the feedback, I am glad it is working better now. However, Mike, the developer of WP Job Manager, deserve a lot of credit too. He had some great improvements ( in the search queries ) in the recent updates of the plugin.

    I now understand your request. It is no possible to set the default orderby of the initial page load at the moment. Not without modifying the files of the plugin. I did however add this to my todo list and I will try to come up with a solution in the next update of the plugin.



    this will be a nice feature. I would be glad if this could be a part of the next update.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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