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[Resolved]Default Taxonomy – How do I set

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    In the form I see “use the “pre defined” checkbox whem you want set a taxonomiy as default (will be hidden) in the search form.” But I do not know where to input the tax id. If I put it in the field “Exclude categories ( by IDs ):” it will exclude it.

    I need to have a form that defaults search with specific Taxonomy.

    Thanks for your help


    Hi Rickey,
    The “Pre defined” setting is per taxonomy. Means that each of your listed taxonomies should have the option to pre defined it. So all you need todo is to check the “Pre defined” checkbox of the taxonomy that you want. There is no need to enter taxonomy ID. You can exclude certain terms from a taxonomy if you want by entering the term ID.


    Eyal – I am sorry I do not understand where I can set my taxonomy to pre-defined.

    I have one taxonomy for my custom post type called “community care types”. I them have 4 values. “Assisted Living”,”Independent Living”,”Memory Care”,”Skilled Nursing”. I need to make a search form for each. So on the “assisted living” webpage I need a form to search for “Assisted Living” communities in your area. It will only have one field to enter city or zip and search button.

    Can you point me in the right direction to accomplish this?


    In the taxonomies section under “Community care types” you need to check the Pre-defined” checkbox. This means that the taxonomy will not be available in the search form and the form will include all the taxonomy’s values by default.
    In your case you will need to create 4 forms when in each you need to set the taxonomy to “Pre-defined” and exclude 3 values that you do not want to include in that form. You can exclude the values by entering its term ids comma separated in the exclude input box.

    And so, for the “Assistance living” form check the Pre-defined checkbox and exclude the ”Independent Living”, ”Memory Care” and ”Skilled Nursing” terms by their id.

    The form then will display only posts that belong to the Assistance living value.

    Let me know if it works for you.


    That will not work in my case base some communities have both “Assisted Living”and “Independent Living”. So if I exclude everything but “Independent Living” it will exclude one I need. Can there be a way to include the tax I want with predefined?


    Hi Rickey,
    Let me know if the new version of Premium Settings helps you solve the issue above. As you probably saw I added the ability to include terms by ID.


    That is awesome. I set it but its not working for me. Just showing all categories. I have it setup as predefined and cat id in the include textbox.

    I have another issue that is not showing my categories so I wonder if this is related.

    Todd Stacy

    Where is this option ‘pre-defined’ located?


    When you have taxonomy set then you will see it under forms – search form – Taxonomies


    Thank you Rickey for pointing it out.
    Do you think you could provide me with admin access to your site. I would like to take a look at the set-up and try to find the problem if there is any.
    I think it will be faster for me than keep going back and forth between forum posts.

    Todd Stacy

    im not seeing where i can simply choose which categories i would like users to be able to use as a search criteria and which to exclude. I check the dropdown option for Taxonomies / Categories
    then what?

    Thanks for your help!


    If you are using the latest version of Premium Settings add-on you should be able to either include or exclude certain terms of a taxonomy.
    So when you set your taxonomy to “Dropdown” you should see input fields where you can enter terms ID, comma separated, of the terms that you want to either include or exclude from that taxonomy.

    The attached image is what you should see in your taxonomies section

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    Hi Rickey,
    Just done looking at your site.
    1) Default Taxonomy issue – I found a bug with included term ID’s in the premium Settigns add-on. I fixed it on your site and I will upload a fixed version of the add-on this week as well.

    2) Taxonomies in results issue – for some reason the function gmw_pt_get_taxonomies function in your GEO my WP plugin was a code from a previous version of the plugin even though you have the latest version installed. I am not sure how it happened but I updated your code and now the taxonomies show in the results.


    Your awesome.

    Thank You

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