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[Resolved]Display a map of all users

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    I think I am a bit confused – how do I add a map that displays all my users? Without adding a search form?



    Any info?


    1) Create a new ( or edit an existing ) Members Locator form.

    2) In the “Page Load Results” tab do the following:

    • check the “Enable Page Load features” checkbox.
    • uncheck the “Display list of results” checkbox.
    • Set the “Display map” dropdown to “using shortcode”.
    • in the “Per Page” text box enter a high value such as 9999 in order to display all members.

    3) Navigate to the “Search Form” tab and set the “Search Form Template” dropdown to “disable search form”.

    4) On the page where you want to display the map add the shortcode:
    [gmw map=”form ID”]

    Let me know if that helps.


    Just checking if you got this working and this topic can be marked resolved.



    THanks Eyal, sorry yes it worked perfectly!!


    Hi Eyal,

    I am having issues – my users aren’t all displaying on my main map (located here: however I don’t have any filters.

    Could you please take a look? You have been sent an email with the login details for the website. Password needs resetting.

    The Map I am talking about it ID 5.


    Further to my post above Eyal, today I have installed Xprofile Fields – Single Site which allows me to grab the location details on the registration checkout page and pass it to Buddypress (via the PMPro register helper plugin) and then pass it to GeoMyWp.

    I noticed though that the existing location info (if users had set it up via the standard ‘location’ tab) isn’t passed to the xprofile fields in BP. How do I do that for the existing users?

    I don’t know if it could be a reason the display of the Map ID 5 has stopped working on my welcome-back page (as per initial question above)

    Awaiting your assistance.


    Hello Fabienne,
    Looking at your site I can see that the members are showing on the map. Did you get that fixed?

    I apologize for my delayed replay but once a topic is marked resolved It will be sent to the bottom of the list after the unsolved topics ( on my admin screen ). So many times I will miss replied for resolved topics.


    Hi Eyal, sorry I thought i had responded.

    No it isn’t sorted at all unfortunately, the map is only displaying a few members, as per my initial post (my users aren’t ALL displaying on the map, I should have worded this better).

    I’ll create a new topic linking to this one so you see my response.


    I’ve done what you advise.
    The map and the page are showing 20 members max. How can I show 100 or 1000 members please ?


    In the “Page load results” tab you can set the Per Page feature to as many members as you would like to display.


    Thanks ! Sorry I should have play a little more longer with settings before posting 😉


    The map is showing all markers.
    Is there a way to have markers groups on which the user click to zoom (as on the sweetdate member directory map) ?


    Greetings, I have a map of curriculums, want it to appear a greater number of resumes on the map, when I place more than 45 map collapses


    Megan Bruzan

    I tried all of these settings but don’t have any members coming up on the page? How do I add a location to my members?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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