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[Resolved]Display "Current Location" instead of user's address

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    Thanks for the great and useful plugin!

    Just one question: Is there a way for the search form to display the phrase “Current Location” instead of user’s address (Ex: 818 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA) when the user clicks on the current location icon? In some specific instances the displayed location is wrong by a building or two and I don’t want the user to think it’s a big deal. That’s especially annoying when the user’s address is close to an intersection and the current location might display an address that is close, but not on the user’s street (Ex: 723 S Flower St Los Angeles, CA). If the user is not familiar with his or her location, they might think the feature is not working at all.

    Thanks a lot!


    You are welcome Biztorian.

    I am not sure I completely understand. When submitting a GEO my WP’s search form, do you want to change the address of each item in the list of results to show “current location” instead of the actual address?


    I want the search form itself to show “current location” instead of the address when I click on the locator button on the right of the address field.

    Otherwise if i’m not clicking on the locator button, it should work the way it works now.

    Basically it’s not about the backend. Backend should work the same way and get the user’s current location, but instead of showing the user his or her address it should just show “current location” when locator button is used.

    I have attached the screenshots of the search form on my website before and after clicking the locator button. I’ve also attached screenshots from Yelp and Trulia apps, which work the way I want the geomywp work.

    Hope this will help.

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    I see.
    Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do that. For the main reason that the plugin does not have any way to detect if the form submitted via the locator button or a submit button.

    It requires custom work where on form submission you pass an indicator, probably via URL, that will tell the plugin that the locator button was clicked. Then, you will need to have an “if” statement that will either show the address or the “current location” text based on that indicator.

    It should be possible but will require some PHP, jQuery and WordPress filters knowledge.


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