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Display manual address in info window?

Forums F.A.Q Display manual address in info window?

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    Alan Green

    Although Google Maps is usually pretty good at getting the correct address from the co-ordinates entered there’s times where I’ve had to enter the address manually to get the correct marker location.

    However this means that I have two addresses; the manual address and the autocomplete address. The autocomplete address is the one that displays in the info window.

    Is there any way to display the manually entered address in the info window instead?

    In face is there any way of changing the contents of that info window?


    Hello Alan,

    The Premium Settings add-on uses PHP template files to display the info-window content. And so, you can create a custom info-window template file and place it in your theme’s folder. This custom template file you can modify as you wish. And when doing so you can as well change the displayed address to show the manually entered address rather than the “Formatted address”.

    Do you know PHP and able to crete a custom template file?

    Alan Green

    I do but what does the template file need to be called and in what folder?

    Alan Green

    Can you please get back to me or at least give me a time indication for when support posts are answered.

    I have managed to figure out how to add a custom infobox but it doesn’t work!

    I have duplicated the gmw-global-maps/posts/templates/infobox/default directory to

    mytheme/geo-my-wp/posts/templates/infobox directory.

    It’s showing up in the “Choose the theme that will display the marker window.” section for the form selection but, even though I have not altered anything the popup window now doesn’t even show. I just get a spinning wheel for a second or two and then nothing.

    Link included in private content

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    Hello Alan,
    It looks like the stylesheet of the template file does not load.

    1) The proper folder structure of the custom template file should be:

    instead of

    2) Did you duplicate the default folder with the CSS folder inside it?

    Once setup properly, in the form editor the info-window template file name should be “custom: default”.

    Alan Green

    Doh! I had it as


    Okay, that’s fixed but it’s still not working.

    If you take a look at the attachments you’ll see the Default version is correct and shows correctly. However the custom Default version doesn’t have anything on?!

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    Alan Green

    Also, even though I’ve managed to select the custom info window for the Posts Locator map. I’m unable to select it for the Posts Global Map


    Both Premium Settings and Global Maps add-on use their own unique info-window template files. The template files of the Premium Settings are to be used with “Normal” GEO my WP’s search forms and the Global Maps comes with its own template files.

    You can grab the “default” info-window folder from

    and place it in

    Then, the “default” folder from

    place in

    I apologize as I know this is a bit confusing.

    Please give this a try and let me know if that works for you.

    Alan Green

    Thanks for this. Works perfectly.

    stien Davis

    HI, I now this is an old post, but are you saying that you need to have both plugins in order to customize the info pop-up?

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