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[Resolved]Distances not matching with google maps ones.

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    we have revendor theme and we integrated geomywp plugin to have a store locator as explained here:
    we also have synchronized products.
    But we noticed distance of geomywp results are not matching with google maps distance at all.

    Is there a solution for that?
    Thanks a lot


    Hello Antonia,

    I have already replied to your question via email, however, I will post it here as well for others who come across it.

    Unfortunately, What you describe is not possible.

    When doing the proximity search query, the plugin calculates the distance using the Haversine formula. The formula calculate the distance of a straight line between 2 points.

    What you are asking is the driving distance between 2 points. However, driving distance calculation can only be done via mapping services, such as Google map.

    It is possible to calculate the driving distance with custom JavaScript, but only after the query was executed. Which means that the plugin will do the “normal” distance search query first to find the locations, and only then, while the results are being output on the screen, the JavaScript function will calculate the driving distance of each location and inject it into each location in the result. However, calculating the driving distance uses the Google API daily limit and will slow down the page load.

    I hope this info helps.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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