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    Michael King

    Purchased the premium setting add on and so far i’m loving it. However, due to me looking to purely expand on our UI i’m wondering if it was possible to incorporate a drop down list rather than have users enter text themselves. I saw that someone else had this question, however it was marked in private content. Any help would be appreciated.


    Thank you Michael for the purchase.
    Indeed, Custom fields at the moment can only be displayed as text-box ( out of the box ). It is planned to be expended in the future but because of the complexity of the feature I have no timeline of completion.

    There was another user ( which is the one you probably referring to above ) which also wanted to have custom fields as dropdown menus. I didn’t post the solution in the forum; the solution was a custom script which was done directly on his server. There is no solution that I can post in here since the solution It is based on the individual’s needs.

    You will need to create the dropdown menu directly in the the results template file that you are using ( or use one of the hooks provided in the results template file ). You will need to pass the value of the dropdown to the URL so GEO my WP will grab it and use it in its query. But again, it is based on your need, you might need to also modify the query arguments in order to make the search query work properly.

    I am sorry I cannot be more specific but just give a general idea for the solution since it needs to be based on your project needs.



    I’ve also purchased the addon for one reason: Because I expected to have more settings for the custom fields. I would need dropdown fields as well as checkboxes for some custom fields.

    It would also be nice for the custom fields to be sortable in the backend.

    Is it sure that this plugin will be updated in the future with the added feature without having to buy another one or should I try to get a refund (because that was the only reason I’ve bought it)?

    Thank you.


    Hey Matt,
    The custom fields update is definitely going to be part of the Premium Settings add-on. No additional add-ons will be needed.

    The feature is on top of my to do list ( of the premium Settings add-on ) but I have some other major updates ( other add-ons and GEO my WP ) to work on before I am getting my had dirty with this feature as this is a pretty complex feature.

    Thank you for your support.


    Thanks for that good news :).
    Waiting for it.


    Do you already have an idea when this feature will be implemented?
    Just need to know because I’m launching my website in 4 weeks. So, I would need to find another solution in the mean time, if you think it will definitely last longer than that.

    Thank you.



    Just to add my voice to the requests for select lists for custom fields.



    Can anyone verify whether this has been added to the Premium Settings add-on yet?


    Just like @mattmatt, we bought this plugin just this week to use the custom fields feature, specifically the ‘Compare: between‘ function as dropdowns, but unfortunately it still does not offer this functionality. Basically we wanted it to find the number of bedrooms for some properties we have as a CPT. So search between X & Y bedrooms and display the results – this plugin, even with the premium settings add-on, cannot do it.

    The plugin docs also mention ‘Create an advanced custom field filter for your search forms.‘, leading us to believe that the plugin also works with data found in fields created by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, however it does not.

    Bit of as let down really as the plugin itself does everything we want it to, adds Geo data to a posts excellently, unfortunately the plugin is fairly limited from that point onward, even if you buy the Premium Settings add on it’s still not really an all-in solution.

    Has anybody here asked for a refund? I assume mattmatt did as we are now 19 months down the line and the functionality hasn’t been added yet. Any answers appreciated.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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