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[Resolved]Duplicate search results

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    David Lockie

    Hi Eyal,

    Having upgraded the plugin and all add-ons on one of our websites the search results page now has two sets of search results.

    One set seems to be coming straight off the back of the “[gmw form=”1″]” form shortcode in the header widget. The second set of results come from the “[gmw form=”results”]” shortcode in the page content itself.

    The map only appears in the first (erroneous) set of results inside the header widget.

    Here’s a link where you can see that..

    Any ideas?




    There are new shortcodes that you can use in order to overcome this this conflict. Using the shortcodes below you can place any of the form elements anywhere on the page:
    1) [gmw search_form=”form_id”] – display the search form only
    2) [gmw map=”1″] – display the map ( “Display Map” feature in form editor needs to be set to “Using shortcode”.
    3) [gmw search_results=”form_id”] – display the search results ( with the map if “Display map” set to “In results”.

    Give it a try and let me know if that works.

    Thank you

    David Lockie

    That worked a treat.

    Thanks Eyal.


    I followed this and am only getting a blank page now.

    [gmw map=”1″] (set to “Using shortcode”)
    [gmw search_form=”form_id_1”]
    [gmw search_results=”form_id_1”]

    When go to the page, nothing is there.


    ok, I’ve got it working by using the following three codes:

    [gmw map="1"](set to “Using shortcode”)
    [gmw search_form="1" name="form_id_1"]
    [gmw form="results"]

    However, even though I have the “display list of results ” and ” enable page load features” checked on the page load tab of form 1, I don’t get any results on load.

    I do get perferct results when the submit button is checked.

    any ideas? I’m on 2.6


    Any word on this? Really need this to work! Thanks


    By accident I use form_id_1 in the example above. It should really be the ID of the form that you are using. So if your form ID is 1 your shortcodes should be:
    [gmw map=”1″]
    [gmw search_form=”1″]
    [gmw search_results=”1″]

    Can you post a screenshot of your Page Load tab ?


    Perfect. Thank you!


    You are welcome.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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