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    I want to exclude people with specific roles from the membership list and search.
    I have purchased and installed this plugin but the only place I’ve found to exclude members is under GeoMyWP > Forms.

    I’d like the default members page search and bp-members-loop to exclude the members too.
    In other words, I don’t want to edit or swap out the default search on the members page by putting another form or shortcode there?

    Am I missing something?


    Hi Jeff,
    You are not missing anythings. The current version of the add-on only exclude members from the forms created by GEO my WP. That is how I initially developed the plugin since it is an extension for GEO my WP and not BuddyPress.
    However, your request is on my to do list of the add-on as other users requested the same thing.
    I am not sure when the next version will be ready but until then I could probably provide you with a script that will exclude the members you want from the members directory page.

    Let me know.


    I figured out a way to exclude members from the loop based on their WP access level. (ie subscriber )

    Phill Healey


    Care to share how you managed to exclude users? I can’t get the exclude members plugin to work, and I’ve not yet had a response from the support here.

    Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated.



    I have replied on your own topic. There is a new version of the add-on available. Please update your plugin and let me know if it fixes the issue for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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