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[Resolved]Excluding Most Roles Stops Form Loading

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    Phill Healey

    If I exclude any of the default WordPress roles (excluding Administrator) the search form displays incorrectly and none of the rest of the page displays.

    So if exclude ‘Contributor’, ‘Editor’, ‘Subscriber’ &/or ‘Author’ the search form displays without any styling, the map fails to load, no page template or content displays beyond the form, and FireBug reports a 500 error. However, if I exclude the ‘Administrator’ role or any of the custom roles, the form, map and page content display as desired without error.

    Phill Healey

    It sounds like I am experiencing the same issue as described here:

    However, it looks like that user never got a resolution to her issue, and there was no follow up from the support staff here at GEOmyWP.

    Phill Healey

    So, I updated to the latest version of the exclude members plugin eg version 1.2.2. Now the form displays on the page however the filtering is not working properly at all.

    So say for example I exclude no roles/members, I get all users as expected. Now if I change one of the users to have the ‘Author’ / ‘Editor’ or ‘Contributor’ role, and then exclude all other roles from the GEOmyWP search, I get no results.

    This plugin just isn’t working at all, and I had to pay for it. Please look into this asap as it is seriously causing issues with the project I am working on, and it’s been more than 24 hours since I started this thread and I’ve not had a response from support.


    Hello Phill,

    I do apologize for the issue you are having with the plugin.

    I am already working on a fix and will upload a new version very soon.

    The issue seem to be with the users role cache not being cleared when changing a user’s role.


    New version uploaded.

    Please give it a try and let me know if it works.


    Phill Healey

    If I click any of the roles to exclude and then press save, the page reloads and all the boxes are unchecked again.

    Likewise, if I exist the form and return to it, no roles are selected.

    This is really not looking good.


    Nothing is the admin section was changed in 1.2.3. So if the settings were being saved properly for you in 1.2.2 it should be working now as well.

    Have you installed any new plugins that might cause a conflict?


    Hi Phill,
    Just checking on this topic. Do you still need help with the above?


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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