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[Resolved]Existential question about API Keys ;-)

Forums Nearby Posts Existential question about API Keys ;-)

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    Greetings Eyal 😉

    Figured out I would have to ask you that question at some point:
    Should I bother about these warnings I see on every page source of my site (DeveloperTools console)?

    Of course I did not entered any API key number in the backend.
    Not that I did not tried to… but…
    When I enter my API Key and browse the site, then a popup window window shows up with an error from Google. Don’t understand why I should get an API key and/or why not using one?

    Kind Regards,



    Hello Yves,
    You should not worry about that. Right now these are just warnings and will not effect the functionality of the plugin. I will take care of the warnings in the next major release of the plugin.

    Also, a Google API key is no longer mandatory so you can remove it if it gives you errors.


    Awesome Eyal 🙂
    Wish I could be as cool and kind as you 😉
    Thank you again for your prompt support 😉
    Thumbs UP!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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