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    Julie Mazens


    Found an issue regarding the member database.

    I have 500+ members with address field correctly filed.

    nothing displaying in the profile of any member.

    modify the address field of one member (puting the same content …), and the map is displaying for this member.

    How can i activate the map on every member without having to re-enter the 500+ address field manually ?



    I am Afraid it is not possible.

    Every time you (or a member) save an address it is being geocoded (using google API), getting the latitude and longitude (which are the most important values) and save it into the members database (custom table created by Support).  Without the Lat/Long the search query will not work. Even if i could run a script that will automatically re-save all the members data in the database Google API will not allowed such a big number of geocoding with a very little time between each one of them.

    if for some reason you already have the lat/long of each members in the database (maybe used by a previous plugin) i might be able to use it somehow.

    Julie Mazens


    I don’t have lat/log of each member in the database :(.

    May have a script with some delay between each request (let’s say 1 second). Google is limiting only the number of request per day.

    Running under our responsability i think such script is very important for the adoption of your pluging on existing communauties !

    If you can just give us the piece of code 🙂



    i know that Google limits the number of requests (2500 i believe) but also should be some time  each request (maybe seconds i need to check). I can definitely have a scrip ready for you but nothing official yet. that will take much more. i will have to make sure that it runs only number of posts per day, then make sure that the next day will not repeat previously posts. i will also need to make sure that if google failed returning lat/long (for any reason) it will not create a post nor will create row in the plugin’s database and so on….

    And yes, if/once creating it users can use it under their responsibility but i also want to prevent any kind of issues or bad experience that users wil have with Support.

    I have a script that i have used before to import posts but that already have lat/long. for you i will have to make it work with buddypress xprofile fields and to geocode each member.  i will work on that all will send it over to you when ready.



    Julie Mazens

    Any news ?




    i am half way there. give two more days and i will contact you.


    HI Julie,

    How is the address being saved in your memebrs profile right now? Single address field or different fields for street, city and so on?

    Also, after geocoding the addresses do you want to save it in a single address field or multiple fields?

    Please contact me at as i have something ready for you to test.

    Julie Mazens

    Hi Eyal,

    The address are saved in a single xprofile text field. After geocoding the addresses, the address has to stay in the same field.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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