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[Not resolved]Facing error after shifting server

Forums Bug Reports Facing error after shifting server

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    Hey the plugin was working fine on the other server but when i moved it to the other server i am getting these errors in console.
    Console Error
    Website link is
    i also imported and exported the data from the old site and also changed some settings


    Looking at your site, I don’t see any of the errors and everything seems to work fine. Did you managed to remove the errors?

    Regardless, few of the “errors” are only warnings by Google API that should not effect the functionality of the plugin at the moment. They will be removed in the next release of GEO my WP. There is also one warning regarding a missing API key. Thats because since June 22nd of this year Google requires the usage of an API key in order to use the Google Maps features ( read here ). There are other couple of errors which don’t seem to be related to GEO my WP>.

    Anyway, the plugin seem to work fine on your site. If otherwise, please let me know and I will take a look at it again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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