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Fatal Error on result page

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    Hi Eyal Fitoussi,

    As per our wordpress forum conversastion i have started the topic here. Please let me know what details you need to sort out my issue given below.

    I am getting a fatal error after update to latest version 2.1 of geo my wp

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gmw_pt_locations_query() (previously declared in public_html/wp-content/plugins/geo-my-wp/plugins/posts/includes/search-functions.php:590) in wp-content/plugins/geo-my-wp/plugins/posts/includes/search-functions.php on line 590


    can you grand me admin access to try to find the problem?
    If so please post the login access and set the post as private.

    Thank you


    Hi Naresh,
    i visited your site trying to look for the issue but it looks like the theme or header is broken. i attached a screenshot of how your site looks on my computer.
    Also please post a link to the page where you have the search form. i cannot find it.
    Thank you


    After long digging in your site i found out that the ultimate facebook plugin and Support conflict each other. I was deactivating/activating all plugins and themes and doing all kind of tests but haven’t deactivated the facebook plugin since i have been using it before and never had issues. Finally i deactivated it and found out that it is the problem.
    I will install both plugin on my test site and try to find the problem. For i deactivated the facebook plugin on your site but you can activate it again.

    I’ll keep you updated.



    Hi Eyal,

    I think i forget to post that even after disabling the Facebook plugin its saying no results found. There are lot of custom posts there but its not showing any results



    You are getting no results because of OVER_QUERY_LIMIT. Take a look at this post to get more information about this issue.


    Thanks a lot Eyal 🙂


    You are welcome

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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