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Feature request: Allow site-wide member exclusion

Forums Exclude Members Feature request: Allow site-wide member exclusion

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    Guy Fraser

    It would be nice if this plugin allowed me to exclude members site-wide.

    Use case: Someone is annoyed that the site is tracking their location, I want block all the GMW plugins from tracking their location (including IP location lookup, and javascript geo API).

    Currently, I have no way to do this = lose that member, and they could be someone that’s vital to the community.

    If there was an option to block GMW features for a specific list of people and/or roles, that would be very useful.

    I kind of expected that this plugin did exactly that, but it only affects individual search forms (which is still useful, but doesn’t really tackle the main issue of centralised privacy controls).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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