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Form and results layout

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    Do you have any documentation or advice on how to change the form to results orientation?

    I have created the custom forms and results templates and that’s working as expected.
    I would like to layout my page so that the map is wide across the top of the pagination controls and the search form is in a column next to the results on the same page.

    I’ve tried putting the short codes for form and results in div columns but that didn’t work. When I tried to use the widget to put the form in the sidebar the results disappear.

    Also, in my results the addresses are not properly formatted. There should be commas between address, city, state but it’s all run together.


    Hi Nick,
    1) I am trying to picture the way you want to display the search form and results.
    So you want to have the top pagination and below it the map which will both will be displayed across the page and below it you want to have two columns which the left one will be the search form and the right column will be the list of results?

    2) the default address being displayed is the one was entered by the user or admin when the location was created. However, instead if the function that displays the address you can echo the custom field _wppl_formatted_address to display the address the way google returned it when the location was saved. The formatted address includes commas.


    Actually, you can simply use:

    <?php echo $post->formatted_address; ?>
    in the loop to display the formatted address


    $post->formatted_address worked perfectly, thanks!

    Crude mock up attached to illustrate layout.


    Apologies for the delay Nick.
    I have never tried your idea but i am sure we can come up with a solution. To begin with , i believe that you can have the search form in one column and the results in the other column.
    Create a new shortcode (or edit the one you are using) and in the ” Results page” setting instead of “–same page–” choose the page where you are going to have the search form.
    Then in that page have the main shortcode ([gmw form=”1″]) in one column or div and in the next column have the results shortcode [gmw_results]. I believe that having it that way you can have the search form and results the way you want.
    Now, to have the map above the two will be tricky.
    I will look for a solution and let you soon.

    I guess for now you can try the above and let me know if it works?

    Thank you


    I’m having trouble using the option to display results in another page.
    I have my pages arranged in a hierarchy and unless I put the results page in the root, the form doesn’t resolve properly.

    For example, I have the following page hierarchy….
    …Product 1
    …Product 2
    …Service 1
    …Service 2
    …Solution 1
    …Solution 2
    About Us

    If I select Service 1 as the result page, when I click the form submit, it should resolve to but instead it tries to show results in and of course that page does not exist.


    I will test it on my site today and see if i can quick fix it.


    Hi Nick,
    I have fixed the issue you are having in the beta of the coming update of Support. if you’d like to test it please pet me know and i’ll email you the file.


    Yes please!


    Just sent it to


    the email cannot be sent. i think the file is too big for this email address. Do you have another email address i can try?


    All email addresses will have similar problems. Can you provide a download link? I won’t share it and you can remove it once I’ve downloaded.


    I moved it to here

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