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[Resolved]Formidable Posts Geotagging BUG

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    Hi, how can we solve this?

    I have GeoMyWP for Formidable Forms addon.
    When I create a Post using Formidable Forms, I would like to add a Geolocation to the post just created.
    So I selected the “Geolocation” tab and I correctly assigned the geocoder location to the Post.

    Everything works great, but just for a short time. After a while the Geolocation settings go back to default settings i.e. No geocoder is selected.

    I set again the correct configuration. Everything works correctly. After some time again the Geolocation settings go back to default settings i.e. No geocoder is selected to be assigned to the post.

    Any hints?


    Hi this bug is still there, have you you got any updates on this?


    I apologize, but I just now saw your initial post.

    I haven’t experience this issue before nor it was reported by any other users. I will take a look at the plugin and see if I can find anything that would cause that.

    I will report back to you.



    Hi Eyal, this issue is still there. My website is stuck from april for this issue. I’m waiting to go live because the plugin does not save the form geo configuration. Every single time I have re-configure the form GeoData settings, and after a moment they are gone. May you please help to fix this bug?

    As you can see in the screenshot every time it seems I didn’t set “save post type location” to the Geocoder ID. Then I go on, I set the “save post type location” to the Geocoder ID, I save. Then everything works for a moment. Later on again “save post type location” goes back to default “Post integration” (i.e. no Geocoder ID set).

    The GMW plugin is unusable if geo settings are not saved and I’m waiting to go live for this bug to be solved!


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    HI I apologize for this issue. However, I cannot duplicate it on my site.

    Can you provide me with admin access to your site so I could have a look?


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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