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[Resolved]Frontend Publisher Pro – Problem

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    Kyle Harris

    I spent alot of time getting this plugin to work with my entire setup i.e theme and other plugins and for a long time it worked great annoyed me i had to remove divi maps for it to work but a necessary sacrifice for what i wanted to use this plugin for

    recently i noticed i lost my forms for fepp i created a new one and i used to just simply add the label location and meta key geomywp_address and it worked fine

    i had the cplugin develop help me out with this code which i had in my functions file

    But for some reason it no longer works can you help me out


    Hello Kyle,
    By looking at the script it seems like it should work.

    I am not familiar with the fepp plugin but the first thing I would check is if the action hook “wpfepp_form_actions” still exists. If it was removed or renamed then the function “gmw_update_location_via_wpfepp” won’t executed and the script won’t work.

    I suggest you to contact the plugin developer and ask him about the action hook and if he could take a look at the script and see what is wrong with it. Again, to me it looks like it should work unless the function is not executed at all.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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