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[Resolved]Full map and Buddypress group help

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    I have some serious questions as I’m redesigning my site and have to create 500 entries into my store locator plugin so before I do that, I need some assistance.

    I have a very customized store locator plugin that was recoded for my specific task but it sucks to be honest, does not use Custom Post Types and just is super slow and unsupported. So I thought that this would be better. I love the way it works but I’m redesigning my site and am building a widgetized front page. I tried pasting the shortcode into the widget for the “form” and it’s not working. I don’t know why. So I can try to figure that part out but if you have suggestions, that would be great.

    Now here’s the catch, I want to make a Buddypress group for each of my stores that I want to be included in the store locator side of the site. I want to make a group so that way my buddypress users eventually can use the stores to follow along in the process and do more with that. I will be eventually using AppPresser to make this thing a true app too.

    Do I need to buy a plugin to allow me to add to a Group or does it only work with CPT? When I experimented it was set to CPT but I havent done much so I’m cool with starting over with Geo My WP, just need guidance.

    I’m sure I’m missing features that I need to mention so lets see how we can help each other. i’m sure I’m not unique, my idea is pretty simple.


    Hello Mike,
    1) Most themes do not support shortcodes in test widget. However, by simply adding the below line of code to the functions.php file of your theme you will enable shortcodes in text the text widget:

    2)With the free version of GEO my WP you can add locations and create forms to CPT and BuddyPress members.
    Using the Groups Locator add-on you will be able to also add geolocation to BuddyPress groups as well to create forms that will search for groups based on location and distance.
    Groups and CPT wont be directly connected with each other and it is not possible to create one serch form that will search both CPT and Groups. BUt you could definitly create forms that will search CTP and another form that will search Groups.

    I hope this information help. Let me know if you have any more questions.


    GEO my WP provides you with the “Search Forrms” widget that allows you to add any of the forms you create to the sidebar.


    Thanks! Is it possible to use those forms to make a map and pull in all groups centered around the geolocation of the browser?

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    The maps are not possible yet with Groups Locator but it will be available in the next release of the add-on. It is possible to create such a maps with CPT forms.

    Below are links to the demo pages:
    1) Group Location Tab
    2) Groups “Members” tab. Showing members with location on a map.
    3) Groups search Form

    And you you’d login you will be able to create a group and see how you can add location to it.


    That is fine, when’s that scheduled release? That’s one of my main goals for my redesigned site?

    I can’t even figure out how to make a full size map using the CPT method?


    I am not sure about the release but I would like to release it before the holidays so I really hope I can do so by next week.

    Create a map for CPT is simple.
    1) Create a new “Post Types” form ( or edit an existing one ).

    2) Click on the “Page load results” tab

    3) Check the first checkbox “Enable Page Load features” and set the “Display Map” checkbox to using shortcode. Set the rest of the filters in this tab as you wish.

    4) Go to the “Search form” tab and set the “Search Form Template” dropdown to “Disable search form”.

    5) go to the page where you want to display the map and paste the two shortcodes below:

    That should do.

    This way you can create a simple map that will display CTP based on some filters on page load. There is also the Global Maps add-on which allows you to create way more advanced mashup maps for CPT, BuddyPress members and Group Locator when installed. There are way more filters and settings, you can add a free floating search form that filter the markers using ajax, more advanced pop-up info window and so on. You can see as an example the map on the home page of GEO my WP.. That is if you are looking for advanced maps.

    If a simple map is what you are after than the “Page load results” will soon be available in Groups Locator add-on.

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