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General Question before purchasing items,

Forums Nearby Posts General Question before purchasing items,

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    SangBum Lee

    Before purchasing this item, i have a general question.

    I read through the functionality of this plugin add-on and noticed that the nearby posts are displayed by the users address remebered in the cookie.

    Does this mean that if a user input his or her own address when register for my website,
    and this add-on would activate nearby posts on sidebar based on the address filled in when registered?? Or is it the cookies are decided based on the IP address or something like GPS function.??

    Depending on this, i would purchase this plugin add-on.
    I am looking for the function relevant to the prior option in my mention.

    i will look forward to your answer for this.

    Thank you in advance.

    SB Lee


    HI Lee,
    The location being saved in the cookies when the user get his current location via the “Current Location” widget/ shortcode. It doesn’t use the address entered when the users register.
    Also, to make sure that you understand that the add-on displays only nearby Post Types and not BuddyPress members or groups. I am saying that because I know that you use GEO my WP for Members and Groups and want to make sure that you won’t purchase the wrong add-on.

    SangBum Lee

    Hi Eyal,

    Thanks for the reply,

    i have finished my work with the Buddypress members and groups fortunately !!

    Now, i am trying to display posts automatically on sidebar using the addresses the users have added when they are logged in.

    Although it does not happen with the address they typed in during registeration, the user still could find nearby posts allocated nearest to the cookies they get from the current location?

    What does the current location do ? just click a button and get the instant address of the user??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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