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    Kev Easom

    Hi Eyal,
    I’m building my first form with distance-calculation. The aim is to provide a travel-distance cost for customers booking musicians for their event.
    The distance figure will be used in a price-per-mile calculation, so I’m hoping the Geo-Gravity fields will output a number I can use in the form’s calculation step.

    I’ve added two Geocoder fields and an Address entry field. One Geocoder field will contain the musician’s base location lat/long, the other, will hopefully create geo-location point from an address entered by the customer.

    My first test of the form shows an error ‘something’s gone wrong’ in the field where the customer types their address. Is this a Google APi error, or a message from the plugin?

    I’ve ticked the box for showing the Google map picker in that field. I’ll try it on/off.

    I’ve read the documentation about syncing Geocoder fields but am not sure if I should set up two Geocoders and sync each one to the other?

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    Kev Easom

    Update: a small component of this problem has been solved but not the important part.
    The “something went wrong” has been fixed by adding a new Google-Api, the address now auto-completes. But I cannot get a distance value from the Geocoders. I have one Geocoder set to the ‘base’ location with a default Lat/Long – the other Geocoder is linked to a field where the user types a destination address.

    The driving-distance should then be calculated and added to a Product Quantity field as a numerical value. I’ve tried custom_meta values, Hooks, and Gravity-Perks ‘populate anything’ to get a distance value sent to the Quantity field, but nothing is working.

    This long project rests on this one feature being successfully implemented, a lot of time and cost is at stake, I really hope you can help with a solution please.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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