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[Resolved]GEO my WP 2.6.1 Beta 3 – locator button

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    Just upgraded to GEO my WP 2.6.1 Beta 3 and just noticed that in my search form widget (in the sidebar): the locator button does nothing. It used to work in GEO my WP 2.6.0. and was asking for permission…
    Did I missed something ?




    Hmm… Could it be related to the fact that I have this plugin activated:
    GMW Add-on – Current Location Forms (Version 1.0)


    Oh ! Using the defauly ‘gray’ search form, solved this issue for me.
    Will have to check/modify my custom ‘gray’ template 😉


    Apologies on the delayed replay Anticosti but I am glad you got it fixed.

    Indeed, GEO my WP 2.6.1 was a major update and might require some adjustments in the custom template field. The new version also arrives with brand new Current Location add-on that replaces the previous shortcode/widget. With the new Current Location add-on you won’t need the Current Locations Forms add-on any more.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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